DTPO very slowly after update to macos 10.14 Mojave!


does anyone have the same problem, that DTPO is extremely slow after updating to macOS 10.14 “Mojave”?

For example, it takes about 2 seconds to switch back to DTPO using the cmd-tab shortcut. All scripts also take about 2 seconds to run, etc …

It’s only an issue with DTPO!

Thanks in advance!

I know it’s annoying when other people reply “doesn’t happen for me”, but that’s true. DEVONthink Pro Office works fine on Mojave over here.

If you’ve already tried the obvious (reboot; empty the DEVONthink cache; force DEVONthink to create a new preference file) then perhaps the best course of action is to open a ticket with Support, otherwise the rest of us who have no experience with your particular computer can only reply “duh, I dunno”.

I second korm’s suggestions. We have had no other specific reports of “slow downs”.

Thanks for your help, but how can i force DEVONthink to create a new preference file???

Also deleting preferences files doesn’t help!

As said above, if these things do not help then open a ticket with Support. The forum cannot solve this problem for you.

I found the cause of the problem:

The error no longer occurs if Accessibility > Display > Reduce Transparency is DISABLED AND Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad > Trackpad Options > Enable Motion is ENABLED (option does not matter).

… I have also been able to reconstruct this on a different Macbook … note that DEVONthink must be restarted after changing the settings !!!

Nevertheless, many thanks for your commitment and your help!

Thanks for the detective work and follow-up. :smiley: