DTPO Web - Google Chrome?

Are there any plans to make DTPO work in Chrome? I use it as my primary browser in Windows, and the web feature was a big reason I upgraded.


We will update in one of the next releases to the most recent version of the Cappuccino framework which will, hopefully, be compatible to Chrome, too.

End of 2017, there seem to be still problems in Chrome. I have to open DTPO Web with Safari.
Anyone know what do ?

Pleae be more clear and thorough about the “problems”. I am seeing no particular issues in Chrome (other than not liking Chrome :smiley: )

Hi Jim, it hangs, i can see the databases, but the previewpanes don’t work, for example.
Or i cannot open the groups with the triangles.

If noone else has this problems, i can try to investigate further before asking again here ?!

Chrome, IMHO, is not a very performant browser in general. Honestly, though I have disliked Firefox forever, the new Firefox Quantum has become my default browser. The only disadvantage I see is PDFs aren’t working in WebSharing in it.

Also, if you are serving your 40GB database via WebSharing, this could be part of the issue too.

OK, will use Safari for remote views on my databases, thx.