DTPO Web Server Multi-User?

Hi Guys,

I’m new ( 3 days in ) to using DTPO and so far loving it. I’m wondering if there’s a way to create multiple users to the DevonThink Pro Office web interface?

I’d like to restrict which users can see which database, but so far it doesn’t appeat that’s possible? It looks like I can only create one user and that user will have access to all shared databases. Is that accurate?



You can add simple password protection via File > Database Properties (or a right-click on the database name). This should be honored in the Web Sharing UI.

Hi Bluefrog,

Thanks for the answer! Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work that way.

I configured a password on the database, but this only seems to apply when I’m opening DTPO. Once the database is open, the webserver in DTPO is able to access it fully, as is the single used on the DTPO web interface.

Seems like this would be a great piece of functionality to add to the webserver piece. Having different privilege levels, even if only a single read-only user and a read/write user would be a great thing to add to the software.

Not a deal-breaker for me but any means, but it does limit the multi-user usage scenario that I was hoping for.



It’s working as expected here…

I added a password to a database, started Web Sharing, and this is what I saw…

Note that you can also add authentication just to access the Web Sharing itself.

Ahaa!! I’ll have to pass this by Development. If you authenticate for Web Sharing, it’s ignoring individual database level authentication. Well, shut my mouth! :blush: 8)

Thanks for the unintentional bug report!

Okay, I have the word from Development… with the current tech and setup, Web Sharing authentication takes priority over database level passwords. So if you have to log in for Web Sharing, you will have access to whatever database is shared. Otherwise, database level credentials will be enforced.
Since this WebSharing happens on a LAN (by default), this should be workable for most instances.

It’s been almost 4 years now that this question came up … and yet … there seems to be no changes as far as authentication on every single database through webserver-web-interface is concerned.

When will we see this feature – as it’s really needed badly.


Well - Jim looks to me like he’s got a fine head of hair. :smiley: