DTPO will not recognize my HP Officejet 6700 scanner

I am trying DEVONThink Pro Office to see if it works for me before I buy it. The first thing I tried was to scan a document from my shared wireless HP Officejet 6700 all-in-one scanner. I went to File > Import > Document (via Image Capture) > Capture… I get a pop-up window that says “No supported scanner is available, would you like to open the Image Capture Device Browser to look for one?” I click Open Browser. In the Image Capture app, I see the Officejet 6700 in the Devices pane on the left. I click it and from there I am able to successfully scan a document from within the Image Capture app. If I leave Image Capture open and go back to DevonThink and try to scan again, this time I get “Scanner is in use by another application!” (obviously, the “other app” is Image Capture). But now if I close Image Capture to release the scanner, and go back to DevonThink to try another scan, once again it says "“No supported scanner is available…”. I can scan documents from Image Capture itself and the Officejet 6700 is listed on Apple’s web page for devices compatible with Image Capture.
So… what am I doing wrong? How can I get DevonThink to see and use my scanner?

– Paul

It would be worth trying the new scanner functionality that is currently in beta:

blog.devontechnologies.com/2012/ … ra-plugin/

The new scanner plugin supports wi-fi, network and connected scanners. The HP Officejet 6700 should work with this new update.

I have downloaded the beta scanner camera plug-in and it works fine with my Officejet 6700. I can scan now, and plan to go on to try out all the other funtionality of DEVONthink. Thanks for the help to get me rolling. – Paul