DTPOffice expires Jan 31. 2007

Nice surprice!
It is an registered and payed registration.
What to do? I need an information in DTP just now.
Download 1.3beta and install over existing beta?
When comes the next surprice? Februar? March?
A kind of countdown would be helpful…

Ok, I`m “back to earth” again.
I installed 1.3beta3 over the existing DTPOffice, and I got my information.

It shows me dramatically the range of DTP in my life.

Hey, and my problem with capturing while DTPoffice is closed is gone.
It works again since 1.3.3.
Thanks! :wink:

I have now spent the last hour downloading umpteen copies of the FINAL copy of DVT Pro Office, v.1.3.
And I cannot run it.
keep getting the message that
The Beta expired 2/28/2007

That is not a pleasant surprise.

Anyone know what file, in my copy of DVPOffice , which preference is responsible for this?
My copy is not being recognized as Final.

Try rebooting and then reinstalling again.