DTPro 2: Search results' location

When I initiate a search across several databases, I find it difficult to determine in which database those results might be found.
I know I can add the Path column to the view in this window, but I think it would be easier if the “breadcrumb” beneath the Name contained the database, too.

Add another vote for this capability. It would be helpful.

Another “me too”.

Or an own column for the Database name.


How do you “initiate a search across databases”. I know I must be missing something, but I can only search one database at a time. I have 5 primary databases covering major areas of my life and work and having to re-initiate a search in each one is frustrating.


That’s coming in pb4. :slight_smile:

I use and recommend the full Search window (Tools > Search).

Not only are there more options available than in the little view search field, they are easily inspected, which greatly reduces the chances that the query has been wrongly set up.

The Search window makes it easy to select search across all open databases, a specific database, or a group within a specific database.