DTPro and DTTG sync

Hello everyone,

after reading all the posts regarding the synchronization issues between Devonthink Pro and DTTG, I’m still not able to get the iOS app to sync with my dt.
When I click on the sync icon within the iOS app, I can see my Mac into the window menu but each time I click on it, it simply doesn’t happen anything.
I’ve tried to reinstall the app, to create a new wifi network and a PAN-bluetooth connection, but nothing changes… I’m running Mavericks and iOS 7.1.2.
What am I supposed to do? DTTG is the most expensive app I’ve purchased in the app store until now, and I’m still struggling to find a way to use it!
All the users which have finally resolved the issue have no idea how they do it.

How is that possible??
Thanks in advance.

It looks like you are covering a lot of the bases. Have you tried putting something into the Mobile Sync area of the app on the desktop (I usually do this with replicants)?

I’d contact support and let them know the problems you are having. They can probably get you sorted.