DTPro and Entourage Notes

I’m new to DTPro, and have been unsuccessful in either dragging or (using a script) importing items from MS Entourage other than mail.

Is there a means of, for example, moving Notes or Tasks from Entourage to DTPro? If not, what would it take to create a script?

I started to Export the Notes, and the Entourage wizard reminded me that you may also drag and drop any item from Entourage to the Desktop.

So I did that with a note and got a file with the suffix .ics, which you can’t drag into DTPro. But I selected the text in that Note and dragged it, and it appeared in DTP as a Rich Text entry.

I did not have enough Notes to try a full-scale export, but you might try the tab-delimited text file method and see if that’s a file DTP can read. You may still need to select and drag individual Notes if you want them to appear as separate entries in DTP.

Dragging multiple mails from Entourage to DT is not possible but you should be at least able to drag one mail after another to DT.