DTPro and Wildcards

I do need for a User-Manual for the use of wildcards.

I couldn’t find out the different between "" and “?” in search-results and the ability to use wildcards in front of a searchterm (like DEVON) or at the end (like DEVON) or at the mid of a term (like DEON or D??ON)

Stands the “*” for a single sign or a multiple sing and stands the “?” for a single sign or a multiple sign?

So I searched in DTPro-Help, the DTPro-Manual (PDF) and in the “User-Forum” without results.
And also my try outs in my DTPro-Dbase coudn’t help me to analysed the problem.

So anyone can help me (an answer or a link)


Although I have a massive DTPro database (over 33 million words), I never use wildcards as I have never figured out how to make them work … so I agree, some instruction is required.


Wildcards are currently applied to whole contents, not to words (but this will change in V2.0). Therefore you have to use a wildcard like DEVON to find contents containing DEVON whereas *DEVON will find contents ending with DEVON and so on.