DTPro as an OpenSource Software Doc & Info aggregator?

hi all,

i’ve been using DTPro for awhile as a local database and info aggregator. haven’t really put the ‘accelreator to the floor’ as yet …

today, while mulling over solutions to my latest, frequent nightmare … it suddenly struck me that DTPro (plus DAgent?) might be just the ticket.

i slog around a lot of opensource software apps … my ‘projects’ are typefied by:

(a) getting multiple apps working together
(b) trying not to blow my head off while gathering info from 17 different places, in 36 different formats for EACH PROJECT, then trying to cross-correlate everything to figure out all the $^%#^%&$ conflicts!

that said, i’m wondering – again – if DTPro+Agent is the solution. after slogging thru the UsageScenarios here, and not finding (or understanding) a similar scenario, i thought i’d ask direcctly for some opnions/experiences here:

i’d like to ‘point’ DTPro+Agent at a mix of local & remote PDF, HTML & Text documents.

to that I’d like to add RSS feeds and/or mailing list repositories (or per-message?).

i’d like to have the dynamic elements (rss, emails, wiki pages, etc) regularly updated and flag/notify me when they’ve changed and are ‘new’.

ultimately, i’d like it to appear to me as one, searchable data/information repository – across all projects, doc types, locations, etc.

iiuc, that’s what this thing is for, yes? doable?

eventually – i’d like to be able to make such a ‘meta-archive’ searchable to one of my web-site users … but one step at a time. =)

comments/thoughts/wisdom to share?




at the moment this is only partially possible by using the scripts included in the DEVONthink Pro release. E.g. you can read feeds (see menu Scripts > Feeds > …) and you can import selected mailboxes/messages (see folder Scripts/Script Menu/Applications/ on disk image) but DEVONthink Pro can not (yet) import/update mails/feeds automatically. In addition, importing mails does not import attachments (due to scripting limitations of Mac OS X and the various email clients). However, this might change in a future version.