DTpro - connect to SyncStore w/o retyping pwd each time?


generally syncing via webDAV works quite well for me.

… with the ecxeption of of one small but annoying behaviour, which I think is not working the way it should… though I do not know whether the problem lies with DTpro … my computer… or me :slight_smile:

whenever I start DTpro it asks me to retype the password again for DT to connect to the syncStore. every time I check “save pwd in keychain”… just to be asked for the pwd another time the next time I start-up DTpro…

… is this default behaviour? or is there something I might have overlooked in settings? any other possible reason or similar experiences here?

… because it is unconfortable and annoying this way; and there seems to be no good reason to retype that password every time while on a trusted machine…

thx for help!

What version of DEVONthink and OS are you running?
And what WebDAV server is this connecting to?



DTpro 2.9.15
osx 10.12.6

as to the webDAV question:
I am no real network-admin. so I hope this is helpful:
I am using a service provided by my host-provider that is called LiveDisk; the particular thing is that it uses port 80, and it allows to use it as a virtual disk on the computer which is also the webDAV folder. otherwise I am connecting to it via a ftp-connection…
if you let me know what specific kind of info is needed I can find out more about all that…

thanks for your help!

Have you checked with your service provider?

If the service is not configured (by them) to use a persistent IP address you are likely to be prompted repeatedly for authentication – which is a good thing, since macOS is protecting you from spoofed web sites.

thx Bluefrog,

so, if I am understanding right it´s an ‘issue’ with the webDAV; but an ‘issue’ that is indicative of some good web-security…

… if that is the case, I am happy to stay in that mode.
I though it might be something about bad presets or other buggy/faulty things.

if I get you right you would count that out.
in which case I am a little wiser now; and happy to stay as is…

thx + best!

Actually, it was fellow User korm who responded.

What service provider is offering this LiveDisk?