DTPRO doesn't see a networked C7280 scanner

New user. I’m trying to scan with my networked HP C7280. The scanner works fine through image capture directly. It shows up spectacularly well in YEP (which I’m trying to switch from). But it does NOT show up up in DTProOffice.

I get the open browser prompt, and the scanner appears in the list as a shared device in the ensuing Image capture window, I can initiate a scan. But there seems to be no way to “return” the scan to DT. If I close the image capture window, nothing seems to have happened - no document appears.


DT 2.0.3, 10.6.4

thanks for the bug report, we’ll have a look at this. In the meantime you could of course use the Image Capture application and send its output to DEVONthink Pro Office. Please remember to enable the option to OCR incoming scans (see preferences).

It is the same problem with the HP C5280 here

I have to scan external by Image Capture (or by Acrobat Pro) and then to import the document

Exact same problem with an HP 7410xi. Looks as though this is an issue with DTP’s ability to use networked scanners.

There’s another way to set up your scanner to send scanner output (preferably PDF) to a folder in the Finder, which will then result in automatic OCR by DT Pro Office.

  1. Create a new Finder folder that is to receive your scanner’s output. For the sake of illustration, I’ll call that folder “Harry”.

  2. In the Finder, Control-click on “Harry” and choose the contextual submenu “Services”, then select “Folder Actions Setup”.

  3. Choose the script named “DEVONthink - Import, OCR & Delete”. You will find this script at ~/Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts/.

  4. Attach that script to “Harry”.

Now operate your scanner using its provided driver software after configuring it to save scanner output to “Harry”. DT Pro Office should be running.

Each time a new scanner output file is saved into “Harry”, the attached Folder Action script will send it to DT Pro Office for OCR and storage of the resulting searchable PDF, then send the original image file to the Trash. The folder “Harry” will therefore be emptied as each image-only PDF is sent to it and then forwarded to DT Pro Office for Import and OCR.

Makes a lot of sense. Just a shame I didn’t know about this while I had the discount upgrade available from DTP to DTPO.

I just got a new Epson GT-550 and once again downloaded the DTP Office. Actually, there is no such script in the folder above, nor in the Extras/Scripts folder that came with the install. There’s a DT-Import, DT-Import & Delete, and DT-Index, but none that has “DEVONthink - Import, OCR & Delete”
Also, on opening DTP Office detected ExactScan and asked if I wanted to install it. Even had a toolbar icon for it, but doesn’t DT use ABBY? Should I have not installed it? Within the app, neither “Scan” nor “ExactScan” imports a PDF file.
I can get this done by scanning with the Epson to a desktop folder, dragging into DTP Office, selecting Data/Convert/to Searchable PDF, but that kind of defeats the whole purpose of having the Office version. I could drag the same PDF into PDFPen Pro and do the same, save, and add to DTP.

For the script to automatically send scanner images from a folder to DT Pro Office for OCR, see ~/Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts/.

I did. See the above post and the attachment. No script for “DEVONthink - Import, OCR & Delete”
Folder Action Scripts.jpg

Are you sure you’re running DTP Office?

Maybe try running DEVONthink Pro Office > Install Add-Ons…, select Folder Action Scripts, then Install.

That got it working just fine, at least the folder action. Still doesn’t work using the “Scan” icon in the toolbar, hanging continually, but that’s OK, as I’m primarily going to scan multi-page PDFs.
One last question, and I do appreciate your help. Why is the contextual menu plug-in grayed out?

It’s unconditionally disabled on Snow Leopard, which doesn’t support CM plugins.

Well, six months and several releases later (now 2.0.7), I still can’t see the networked attached scanner in dtpro, a scanner which appears in Image Capture, and is seen by other applications natively.

If I plug in my usb canon lide (which does not have a feeder, which is why I don’t use it), it does show up. However there is NO way to dismiss the capture window in DTPRO. The top lhs button which is supposed to be RED is grayed out. I have to force quit DTPRO.

Chris Duke

Suggestion: Create a new folder in the Finder and attach to it the Folder Action script described above.

Then, using the scanner driver software supplied by the makers of your scanners, send scanner output to that new folder. (DT Pro Office should be running when you are scanning.)

The output from either scanner will be automatically sent to DT Pro Office for OCR.

Note that in DT Pro Office Preferences > OCR you can click the option to send the original image file to the Trash. The result will be that your target folder for receiving scans will always be emptied as OCR proceeds.