DTPro: Editing "web page" doesn't save?

Experimenting with some HTML capabilities in DTPro b17. If I choose “Data -> New -> HTML Page…”, and I create a page using HTML source, the “web page” view updates fine. If I edit the web page (the WYSIWYG), however, the changes never save, even if I click the “Save” button in the standalone edit view. Am I doing something wrong, or is this just a glitch in the beta with the new WebKit? Since the web view isn’t locked, and it seems possible to edit the file, I’m assuming this will work its way into the final release? (I’m using Tiger, if that makes any difference.)

This seems like a great capability for people like myself whose stock and trade generally revolve around HTML/web work in some way…

all my best,

And I’m still running panther and have the same problem. I can edit a web page in WYSIWYG, but can’t save the changes. I assume its a glitch and I’m VERY pleased at this added feature; hope it works soon!