DTPro not finding a string

Have I missed something about how DTPro does its searches? I have just added to the Inbox a number of pdfs that discuss the subject “split labor markets.” Sometimes the phrase appears in the title, sometimes in the body of the pdf. I now need to use them elsewhere, so I need a list. I ask DTPro to find “split labor markets.” It misses all of the pdfs that have that phrase in the title, and gives back only one that has the phrase in the text. In its list of hits it includes a lot of random materials but nothing that pertains to labor. Meanwhile Spotlight gives all of my requested files as downloaded, including my DT note in rtf. This is puzzling. When does DTPro index? How does it determine relevance for purposes of its AI faculty? As you might expect, this is a scary experience, since I would like to be able to rely on DTPro to maintain my document collection.

I created a number of pdfs with your search phrase in the title and/or the text, and DTPO was able to find them all as soon as I created them. Using the search panel (Tools > Search; used for multiple database searching) and the search box in the tool bar (used for single database searching).

What are your search settings? E.G., in the search panel (Tools > Search) I used Search for All, Flag/Unread/Locking/Label = Any, and Search In = Databases. In the tool bar search I have Search for All set.

Thank you.
My settings are the same as yours. There may be something else wrong. I will run another test and report back. It is inconceivable that DT would be acting so out of character unless there is a technical issue somewhere. If it is not in DT, it must be on my end.

Just send the documents to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com and I’ll check them.