DTPro Office Scanner Package

I’ve taken the beta of Pro Office 2 for an extended spin, and am going to take the plunge.

My question is – what should I use until Pro Office goes gold? 1.X and then install 2.0? Or stay with the beta of 2 and install the gold Pro Office whenit comes out?

I know from a lot of other beta experience that betas are not totally stable and not feature complete. I’m trying to balance my choices between 1.X and the 2.0 beta.

Can you advise? Thanks!

robertp, thanks for your question. I’ve been using the 2.0 betas since DT first released them in December 08. In my opinion, they have been more than stable enough for us, and our studio is a busy production environment.

Regressing to Version 1.X releases will cause you much more trouble than it would be worth; here, we’ve never even considered going back as an option. I don’t think you’ll have many regrets if you stay with Beta 2 series releases.

Thanks, redacted! Just what I needed. And amazingly fast. Gotta go…time to melt the edges of my credit card .