DTPro seems to require Internet connection?

I tried to search and did not find an answer to this.

I’m new to DTPro. Yesterday my Internet was out for a while. While it was out, I tried to open a database I’ve been working on (currently contains only plain-text and RTF files). But the application crashed (“not responding”) during startup. I had to Force Quit to get out. I tried this several times.

Today, with a live Internet connection, everything is working pefectly.

Surely DTPro doesn’t require an Internet connection to run? Is this a bug I should try to report? I don’t think I’ve done anything unusual, but I’m not sure.

Thanks in advance for your help…

No, DT Pro doesn’t require connection to the Internet.

But is sounds like something is wrong on your computer.

If you wish, attach a copy of your DT Pro crash log to a message to Support. You will find the crash log in ~/Library/CrashLog/CrashReporter/.

DTPro can check available updates when application starts (or other frequency) if this is setup in DTpro > Preferences > Update