DTPro services not working, 10.6.8

I’m running DTPro Office 2.2.1, and the Services are not working in Safari 5.1 or iPhoto 09.

This may have happened since upgrading to OS 10.6.8, I am not sure.

Whether I use the key shortcut, Contextual Menu, or the regular Menu, I get a message such as “The DevonThink Pro Office Service: Take Rich Note: could not be used”. Same with Append Rich Note. I have checked to make sure that these service shortcuts are activated—though, as I say, the other 2 methods of activation do not work either.

Post-script to my first message

The problem is intermittent.

Also now getting “can not use” messages from other services, such as looking up a word in Google via contextual menu. Perhaps I must castmy net wider, looking for a service-wide problem rather than a DTPro services problem.