DTPro Trial License

How do you get the trial extension? When I launch the app, it just asks me for a license, nothing else, no options, etc. I’ve used up my initial trial hours and want to kick the tires tad more before buying.

I tried sending a support email via your web form, but the ‘submit enquiry’ button is greyed out.

Help please?


Help > Support Assistant - Get a trial extension.

Lo BIll, I tried that and it wouldn’t work.

I decided to ‘break down’ and buy a full license.

Thanks for you help over the past month or so. It’s really a great app. I also got the DAgent research assistant too. That really rocks.


In how does it not work? Can you post a screen shot?

There was no screen at all giving any options… the screen showed up initially every time I would launch, then it just stopped.

No big deal now, as I’ve a full license.