DT's Web Server

I’ve been experimenting with using DT’s built-in web server, and it works fine as long as my home computer is on and not sleeping. When it’s sleeping, my iPad says it can’t find the server, and therefore cannot open the database.

Is there a way to use DT’s server if I kept that database online in my Dropbox? Would I then be able to access the database from my iPad regardless of whether or not my home computer is up and running?

No, that won’t work, because the iPad cannot read the database – it doesn’t have the horsepower to run a full version of OS X and the full DEVONthink Pro/Office application.

DEVONthechnologies is working on development of an app for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch that will enable one to synch selected documents from one or more DEVONthink databases (even a DEVONnote database) to the mobile device. The current internal beta is #7, sent to our beta test group.

DEVONtechnologies doesn’t announce release dates in advance. Keep an eye on the Blog for progress reports.