DTTG 1.01 still crashes on search

I am running DTTG 1.01 on an iPad with iOS 4.2. I am still getting an “Application Error… the application must exit” after a Search. The search itself is successful but I get the error message and the app exits whenever I press the Back button. The only way of getting back from a search is still to enter a jumble of characters that will produce no hits, but then the next search with non-zero hits gives an Application Error as before on pressing the Back button on the Search Results screen.

We are sorry to hear you are still experiencing application errors in Search with version 1.0.1. We are continuing to work on stability issues and will be releasing updates every two weeks (depending on Apple review cycle times). The overall stability of the application will improve dramatically over the next few weeks as we work through issues that were not seen in our 1.0 beta testing cycles.

Same situation here. Updated iOS and DTTG. Do a search and then tap Home button, and the App will crash, just as for version 1.0