DTTG 1.4 sync with DTPO 2.7.1

Scenario: In DTTG generate a new Rich Text entry, give it some text. Synchronize with DTPO 2.7.1.
Result: Item is transferred, but the synchronize window doesn’t close and the DTTG application crashes, every time.

In general the 1.4 version of DTTG seems to me to be very unstable, crashing upon activation about 25-50% of the times and crashing 100% of the times after a synchronization (although data is coming over and is synced)

What versions of OS X and iOS are you running?

Cannot reproduce the scenarios described in the OP. Running on 10.9 and iOS 7.0. Suggest first attempting to “reset synchronization settings” in DTTG. Hard boot the iOS device and reboot the desktop. If trouble persists, it’s not likely the forum would be able to help fix it so then perhaps open a support ticket.

I am on Mavericks and 7.0.3 on iPad and both devices have been rebooted several times, sync has also been reset several times. Pressing the “send crashreport” at all different crash occasions, but I don’t have any idea as to the relevance of this function since there is absolutely no feedback.

An update.
On iPad - deleted all databases, then deleted the app, rebooted, reinstalled DTTG app and synced database (285 MB) from my iMac. Everything passes and I can see no flaws in the result.

Open iPad database and add a RTF note (one-liner). Synced to iMac. DTTG crashes immediately. On iMac the pane “Synchronizing Items on Device” never quits. After a fair amount of mouse clicks the pane disappears. The (new) RTF note is present in iMac database.

Restart the DTTG app on iPad and in database add a “Text” note. Sync to iMac, works perfectly.
So my conclusion is that the old (1.3) problem with RTF still is lurking around.

One more update on this thing.
It seems to be a function of character set. Adding a RTF note in english works fine, adding one using the Swedish åäöÅÄÖ crashes the DTTG at sync as described above.

What language is configured for your iOS device?

My IOS 7.0.3 is setup using Swedish as system language.

I think it is now safe to say that my comment about using Swedish can safely be put where it belongs, in the Trash bin.

DTTG now very reliably crashes on every attempt to sync an RTF item.

Yep. I can confirm this now. Upstream in this thread I posted that I couldn’t reproduce, but I didn’t have 7.0.3 installed. This afternoon I brought my iPad up to 7.0.3 and DTTG crashes continually when a new or changed RTF on the iPad is synced.

Thank you for confirming this, korm. The simulator doesn’t crash so I will test this on a real device. Apple is changing a lot of the innards of the iOS view controllers so something might affect the legacy OmniGroup RTF editor we’re using in v1.

Version 2.0, BTW, uses a brand new rich text editor which is optimized for modern iOS versions and gets updates on a regular basis.

I’ve also started having some syncing and crashing problems since upgrading to 7.0.2 on my iPad. I also upgraded DTTG and DTP recently.

iMac OSX 10.7.5
iPad iOS 7.0.2 (have not yet updated to 7.0.3)
DTTG 1.4 (have not updated to 1.4.1 - a little nervous to do so)
DevonThink Pro 2.7.1

What I’ve seen:
Scenario 1:
I’m pretty sure that I have been able to successfully sync DTTG twice since upgrading to both DTTG 1.4 and iOS 7.0.2. Both times it seemed to be syncing A LOT more than just the documents that had changed since the last upload. But, otherwise it seemed to work. This time, however, when I click on sync, it shows the sync progress bar for a moment and then the sync dialog box (on iPad) disappears. There’s no error. And, nothing has been synced.

What else do you need to know to help you understand/duplicate this issue?

Scenario 2: This is not Sync related, but I thought I’d include it here just in case:
I open a RTF doc in DTTG and edit it on my iPad. Then I leave DTTG to go look at another app on my iPad (in this case I wanted tried going to the web or going to my mail app) and then come back to DTTG and it immediately crashes.

I thought I’d post these now before updating to iOS 7.0.3 and DTTG 1.4.1 just in case that was useful to see if you wanted me to try updating one or the other, etc.