DTTG 2.0.6

Quick question regarding the (as of now) pending update:

Can you explain further this line:

“…items converted in other apps no longer replace their original.”

Currently, if I send a pdf from DTTG to PDF Expert and make annotations and copy it back to DTTG it updates the original in DTTG (rather than creating a copy). Is this current workflow what the quoted text is changing?

Thanks for any clarification.


If you send a PDF to PDF Expert from DTTG and then send it back, the copy n DTTG is replaced by the edited version. That’s not a “conversion” since the format is PDF before / PDF after.

If you send a markdown document to Drafts or somewhere and send back a PDF, then the markdown document is not replaced – your database will have the markdown document (unchanged) and the PDF side by side. That’s a “conversion” – markdown to PDF. Formerly, the markdown document was getting replaced (and lost).