DTTG 2.0.7 document search and results page numbers/sections

I have updated DTTG from 2.0.6 to 2.0.7 on the iPhone. My iPad still has 2.0.6. Noted that one of the changes listed for 2.0.7 was to the formatting of document specific search results.

With the update, search results from within a document no longer set out the page number/Section that the result is located on. I find this feature very helpful in quickly getting to the right search result for searches that pull up a number of results – good to know if the result is on pg 2 or pg 22. For example, searching for the term “search” in the DTGO 2.0.6 manual to try and find the answer there pulls up 32 matches, but with the iPad it’s easy and fast to narrow in on the right result as a result that is listed on Pg 14 under Editing Menu is where you want to be, and not pg 24 Other Products.

Wondering if the missing page numbers/Sections on 2.0.7 search results is iPhone specific (I use the iPhone much less with DTTG than the iPad, so this could be the same in 2.0.6 on the iPhone)? Appreciate any info on whether updating the iPad to 2.0.7 will also mean that DTTG will then loose the information on page number/Section of each result listed.

Here is the iPad search result with 2.0.6:


And now on the iPhone with 2.0.7 results without the page number/section headings:


It applies to the iPad as well. I have filed a request for their return

Sorry to hear that, but thank you for putting in the request.

Just when we got document page link in DTTG (great), sad to loose part of such a functional aspect of the core feature of DT in DTTG – fast and dexterous searching for just what you are looking for in documents.

Will hope 2.0.8 brings back this information to search results, and this valuable feature isn’t lost for good from DTTG.

I, too, miss page numbers in document search results. I would be in favor of their return. Thanks.

Noted. :smiley:

Fixed in 2.0.9.

Thank you. Much appreciated.

And when do you anticipate v.2.0.9 with this fix to make its way to us?

Sorry, but we don’t give out timelines on development.

That makes complete sense. Thank you for the explanation.

Announcing timelines is a dangerous thing in software development. There are many unforeseen things to can delay (or in the worst case, stop) development. And there are always people who read an “estimated timeframe” as a “promise”. So if we don’t meet an announced deadline, we won’t be happy because we announced something and didn’t fulfill it, or people will stand on the “promise” they heard and won’t be happy. That’s why we don’t offer timelines.

All completely sensible, and thank you for the further explanation of the thinking behind the policy.

Much better to release when ready then based on an arbitrary deadline.

Look forward to 2.0.9 and the fix for the search page/subject, whenever the time is right - which we will know by the helpful email DT sends us when a release is on rhe way.

Until then, thanks again.

My pleasure. Thanks for your patience and understanding.