DTTG 2.1.2 Downloaded / Non-Downloaded Items


I just updated DDTG to 2.1.2. and I must say that I really like to see the inbox counts for my individual databases, and appreciate the quick access the see total storage and items.

That said, for those two steps forward, there is one step back (for me at least):

How downloaded / non-downloaded files are now distinguished.

Previously the entire name was a different color to denote the status. This worked great for me (and my eyes). The contrast of the icon is not enough when details are not enabled and there isn’t the cloud icon (which is helpful when details are enabled).

The net of it is: I’m no longer able to distinguish at a glance if a file or group is local on my iPhone or not. Because the preview of the icon can vary widely depending on my content, it makes it difficult to be certain as before.

Can we have the option to distinguish by file / group name color back as a preference? Thanks for the consideration.


An item that is not downloaded has a cloud icon in the details.

We changes this because people with bad eyesight rightfully complained that the overall contrast of the user interface was too low.

As for how to display which items are downloaded and which are not: We tried a couple of ideas but with everything you add to e.g. the icon (like little icons, bars, frames, …), it becomes repetitive and annoying very quickly. That’s why we added it to the details line.

Thanks, Jim. I saw this option as I mentioned it (as helpful) in my original post.

Thanks, Eric, for explanation. That’s understandable that you have to cater to the largest user demographic. I currently have 20/15 vision, but I know I won’t always so I am sure I will come to appreciate DTTG even more with fading eyesight :slight_smile: .

That said, I can get accustomed to enabling the details (which line wasn’t previously visible while browsing if I remember correctly). And I know I’m probably representative of a small slice of your user base, but can the option to enable contrast in the file name be implemented? This would make it helpful when browsing files without details enabled when I don’t want to see the extra information for each file, but more files themselves. It would be much appreciated if it would be considered.

I apologize if I’m being a pain. I think the DEVONthink eco-system is wonderful and I utilized both platforms daily for much of my work. Which is probably the reason I’m majoring in the minors here.



We definitely listen to all the complaints and suggestions, so no worries about being a pain. :smiley:

Haha! Thanks, Jim! :smiley: