DTTG 2.1.3 can not preview markdown file

i use the latest DTTG 2.1.3, when i sync database from my Mac, i found that all markdown files in the database can not be displayed, only blank page left

i tried to created a new markdown file in DTTG, when i finished typing and click “Done”, all my input disappeared

i’m newbie to DTTG, i don’t know what’s wrong

btw, i use iPhone6s iOS 9.3.5

No problem viewing either the raw text or the rendered version of existing markdown files on my iPhone 6.

I notice on my iPad and iPhone that newly-written markdown can take a while (a bit disconcertingly long…) to show up in the rendered version, but will eventually.

I notice you’re running nearly a 1 year old version of iOS. This is likely not doing you any favours. I am running 10.3.1 and notice no issues with markdown files on iOS. Since your hardware will support it, I’d strongly recommend you upgrade to iOS 10.

We have seen this effect on a few devices. If you’d like to receive a Test Flight build with logging that we can use to see what’s happening, please open a support ticket (devontechnologies.com/redire … id=contact).