DTTG 2.1.3 - Tags Hierarchy Flattened?

Hello all

I have searched the forum regarding this issue but I did find anything relevant. Hopefully someone can explain what’s happening.

I have a database with a lot of tags, grouped in hierarchies. For example, I have a tag called “topics” containing tags “science”, “politics”, etc…
When I sync this database from the Mac (DTPO 2.9.11) with my iPhone through DTTG (2.1.3), the tags are flattened. Tag “topic” is at the same level as “science” and “politics”.
Worse, when I go back to my database on the Mac, the tags have been flattened there too.

Is this an expected behaviour?


I am not seeing that behavior here. Do you have redundant Tags, or using Group Tags that have the same name as Tags?

No, I have nothing of that sort.

I have rebuilt my hierarchy on DTPO, then synced again with the iPhone. This time around it seems to stick better.
Will watch it closely in case it happens again but so far, so good.


Sounds good. Let us know.