DTTG 2.1.6 Dropbox syncing issues


Im using the share sheet to copy screenshots from the camera library on my iPad to DTTG and then sync them to a dropbox.

It sort of works for say 3 photos selected, but if I do a larger selection it completely crashed DTTG. When it tries to sync the app just disappears.

Ive deleted the app a few times and set everything up again, but same thing.

The OSX app has iCloud as an option, but it doesn’t appear as an option in DTTG, is iCloud going to be added to DTTG at any point?

Due to the way Apple implemented iCloud, it is not feasible as a Sync location for DEVONthink To Go 2 at this time. Once the challenges can be overcome, we will offer it as a location.

In DEVONthink To Go 2, to report crashes and/or Sync problems, select Help > Contact Us to start a proper Support Ticket. Thanks.

Ah, OK.

I’ve raised a ticket via the App as requested.

Thanks for the prompt response.