DTTG 2.1 and editors

It was possible before, but a little complicated, to work on DT notes with apps like Editorial. Now with the new document provider functionality, is there a more comfortable way to do this? And which apps are best for it?

“Which apps” depends on the format of your documents – markdown, plain, rich, PDF, etc. Let’s take markdown for example. I have been using Notes Writer+, Ulysses, and Textastic with markdown. Some other apps are a bit cranky with document provider – 1Writer refuses to recognize most files in DTTG that are flagged as “markdown”, but will take plain text files containing mark up – which is odd since 1Writer is a markdown editor.

Mellel and Word on iOS are the same way with rich text – they don’t recognize RTF/RTFD files in DTTG in the document picker as being editable by them. But Word is fine with Word files, as is Pages. I haven’t found an RTF editor on iOS that works with DTTG’s files in document picker. Maybe that’s a DTTG fault?

BTW, I find working with Editorial is a lot easier nowthat it supports split screen. It doesn’t use document picker, but with split screen the round-tripping process is fast.

Yes, it’s markdown for me. Maybe it’s time to give Ulysses a try, everybody seems to love it.
I don’t really get how split screen makes your workflow faster - you have to do the same steps of ex- and importing, don’t you?