DTTG 2 and iOS 10 on iPad PRO

Updated to iOS10 on my iPad PRO and DevonThink To Go seems to work perfect!

Thanks for the feedback! We’ll release an update soon fixing a few minor iOS 10 glitches.

Tested on iPhone 5 SE w. iOS10 as well, not a single problem.

Maybe you developers do update the apps before so it works with both iOS 9 AND iOS10.

Still very happy both for DTTG 2 AND iOS10.

Not so much for me – @ 2016-09-10 21h29 PT

On both my iPad Pro and on my iPhone 6s+ DTTG is crashing on sync. Every time.

I’m unable to use the program.

Mac is OK and sync’ing fine.

I didn’t have trouble with DTTG2 after upgrading both of my iPad Pros to iOS 10 – but other apps crashed. The fix was uninstalling the crashing app, rebooting, and reinstalling the app. I suggest trying that with your crashing DTTG2.

I have an ipad pro and DTTG is stable and useable for me. It hasn’t crashed. I have not encountered a problem.

Did the reinstall per Korm’s recommendation. Resync and all seems fine. Thanks!