DTTG 2 URL Scheme


I use DTTG quite frequently for searching by utilizing the different search operators (which is awesome), but I tried to create some TextExpander snippets for some of my most commonly used operators but it does not work in the search field of DTTG.

That said, I’m not sure if that lack of TE integration in the search field is a limitation of iOS, Smile, or DTTG. So I have actually two requests:

  1. Enable TE snippets to be used in the search filed of DTTG (if possible).
  2. Create an URL Scheme specifically for searching.

Personally, I am hoping for #2 because I (like many other users I’m sure) use Drafts as my beginning text operation for many things already. It would be great to use my TE snippets in Drafts to create a query and send it off for an immediate search and display in DTTG.

Thanks for the consideration! Would anyone else find a search URL Scheme addition helpful?


We are currently discussing extending the urlScheme. Stay tuned.

Great news; looking forward to the additional functionality!


Have a look into Version 2.1.3
They added a lot of functionality to url scheme (and search too)


Since the most recent update I have built some relatively basic workflows (by comparison) to improve my efficiency with DTTG2 but… Wow! I just read Federico’s article and I am very impressed by the capabilities of DTTG2 as exemplified in his article.

Great job guys! I feel that DTPO never really got the widespread attention that it deserved, but it seems that DTTG2 certainly is! Congrats!


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Thanks! :smiley: