DTTG 3.2 moving files

Yeah! Now DTTG 3.2 enables picking the next file in line upon moving a file from the Inbox to a database folder… however, I think there is a weird behaviour in its implementation, which has us back-out for as many files as moved to get back to the root.

So say we move 5 files… we must back out as many times…


Could you describe this with a bit more detail, especially on which kind of device you’re working?

This is on an Iphone 11 Pro Max running IOS 15.02.

The move operation is from an Inbox to folders, multiple times in a row.

Dttg 3.2 finally does something I’ve been wishing forever… show up the next file in line for moving out of the inbox automatically…

The weird behaviour is across the board and involves clearing out a folder with multiple successive moves…

The process involves going on a database folder, clicking on … at the bottom left, then Move, and rather than picking a recent destination, click move again, then a folder… it doesn’t matter if its across databases or within one database.

Do this say 2 times and then abort on the 3rd item that auto shows… the back out… and back-out will happen as many times 2 … and see 2 poofs…

Do this for 20 files … then abort, and click back out, and you’ll have to back out 20 times… and see 20 poofs… files gone.

Which should be so… but the back-out button should break out of the loop!

Video here for a two times back out at the end


Thank you for the video. Noted as a bug. We’ll see if we can fix it for the next maintenance release.

Addendum: Fixed for 3.2.3.