DTTG 3 Change from trial to discounted upgrade

Hi all,

Thanks for making DTTG and improving it continuously (3.1)! I have got the following question: currently I running on the free version until July. But I would like to purchase the upgrade version from DTTG 2. When I try to change my subscription in DTTG 3 it does not show me any option.

Please advice and many thanks in advance.

Due to the way Apple structured things in the App Store, changing this is not so simply done. To that end, you can just wait until the complimentary period expires and make your decision then. That way you can keep your money for a little longer too! :wink:

Many thanks! The decision is made but I am happy to keep my money for a bit. Hope you guys can survive until the massive ca$hflow of 21.99€ from me in July. :wink:


So that’s another month of Jim deciding whether to eat or drink. Hold on Jim, we need you!




I’m still a bit confused as to how the transition to DTTG 3 will take place at the end of July. Around about the time ver 3 happened along, I’d just paid for the pro version 2. I’ve since moved everything over to ver 3 and ditched ver 2. Do I still need to have DTTG 2 on my devices for the transition to take effect? Everything is running like clockwork now–I’d hate a spanner to be thrown in :wink:

No need to keep DEVONthink To Go 2 installed. DEVONthink 3 is aware you’re a version 2 owner.
When you delete version 2, go ahead and okay deleting its data too. Version 3 migrates a copy of the data into a new location so the version 2 data is no longer needed (or used).

Thanks, but just to clarify, “no need to keep DEVONthink To Go 2 installed”? Sorry, I’m an editor :wink:

Haha! Indeed and correct - no need to keep DEVONthink To Go 2 installed :slight_smile: