DTTG 3 Does not find the same number in search as DT 3

I had this same problem in DTTG 2 and got a refund because of it.

In DTTG 3 after everything is synced and DTTG 3 is set to automatic sync, I do a simple search for “Zipping” (I have multiple documents and applications with this text either in the file name or internally).

DT 3 finds 37 references.

DTTG 3 (v. 3.0.3) only finds 35 references.

What could explain this? I need to understand what’s going on.

Thanks in advance!

Did you press Enter after entering the search term to perform a full text search?

I pressed “Search” at lower right.

Also, I noticed that if I enter something like asterisk+ip+asterisk (words added since the site omits the actual asterisk character), the search finds nothing when I press Search.

(Note: “ip” is part of “Zipping”).

Very confused why things don’t work as expected.


Entering “asterisk + ip” finds results, but not with the leading asterisk.

I went through search results by line to find the problems for you.

Although all files are present in both DT3 and DTTG 3

The search term “Zipping” did not find either of these two files in DTTG 3:


If I use a different search term like “Zipping+asterisk” term in DTTG 3, it still does not find either of these two files.

Can you please verify this problem and fix it?

Please advise.

Thank you.

As noted above other search terms similarly fail to return expected results.

Please advise on this issue or I’ll need to get a refund on DTTG 3 in a day or so. I need DTTG 3 to be able to find the same results, given the same search, as DT3 or what’s the point?

Also, other searches totally fail with no results as noted above.

Standing by…

@BLUEFROG likely knows better what to do, but I think a possible solution might be to reindex. You can find that option under Help, Appendix, Utility URL Commands.

Be aware I’ve never used this command and cannot predict whether or not adverse effects might occur.

I’ve personally experienced similar behavior in the past, but after I recently setup a complete new sync store from DT and synced my devices, I could find all documents that I expected to find. That said, I don’t think it’s DTTG3 itself that causes this, but some combination of factors over time.


I re-inedexed and waited for all the activity to stop.

Now, instead of 36 items (should be 38), it only shows 4.

Yes, I would suggest the reindex utility URL to see if it remedies this.

I just replied above. I tried it. Now it’s worse.

Other searches don’t work at all → ZERO results in DTTG 3 (Plenty of results in DT3)

Sounds like it’s refund time again, sadly.

DTTG 3 does not work as expected with inconsistent results and, in other searches, NO results for searches.

Apparently nobody can reproduce this issue or tell me how to fix it.

As a final test … I deleted the database on DTTG 3 and resynced. Waited until DT3 was done uploading. Checked iCloud to make sure the space had been taken up again.

But now, DTTG 3 won’t show that database at all.

Did you import the database to DEVONthink To Go from the sync location?

I’m sure I could eventually get the database re-imported. However, the fact that the search is not correct and some searches do not work at all (compared to the same search in DT 3) make DTTG 3 a no-go. This product in my usage tests is not ready for prime time.

Since these same search problems occurred in DTTG 2 (which I also reported), I have requested another refund from Apple and have removed DTTG 3 from my iPhone (how many HOURS should I have to spend to get basic correct functionality?)


If you are able to reproduce and fix the bugs I’ve reported over and over, I will happily re-purchase DTTG 3.