DTTG 3 is corrupting files

What sync method do you use over the local network? WebDAV or Bonjour,?

In my case, yes. The specific files involved had been accessed recently in both DTTG2 and DT Mac, and in fact remained accessible on those devices.

I use Bonjour
EDIT: In the past I have used dropbox, I have never used icloud
In DTG 2.7.9 the file is not corrupted

I’ve been following this thread but I’m a little lost: got a notification about ghost documents on my iPad but the « Ghosts » smart group is nowhere to be found. (It’s… a ghost itself…? :ghost:)

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It doesn’t pop up automatically-from the main screen select the Edit option, then all the non-active smart groups will be visible.

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Thank you!

So to add to the reports: I do have one ghost document, which shows up fine on DT on Mac (saved it immediately). Using WebDAV syncing only, and I have literally not used DTTG since installing it (save from purchasing it). It appears on my iPad but my iPhone gave me no such warning (so far).

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So, I have come now to the end of this thread, which I only discovered today, by chance. Having read every entry, which took some time and worry, I am still not sure whether I have a problem that needs attention and what to do.

Thanks to Blanc, I created the smart group. On the Mac I found nine md and txt files with zero size, which I can no longer view on Mac or the iPhone.

I would appreciate a guidance what to do, ideally in the style of Blanc, step-by-step and not assuming specialist knowledge :slight_smile:

Kind regards, Olaf

@Wolkenhauer, these 9 files, are they files you are sure previously had content? (I ask, because empty .txt or .md files can exist, say when you intended to write something, but were distracted, changed your mind or whatever).

Just at the moment, waiting approx. 24-48 hours for DTTG 3.0.3 may be the easiest solution. DT have implemented a system which in some cases can automatically rectify the problems which have occurred. I don’t know enough yet about whether that will work for those already present when 3.0.3 is installed, or only going forward. We’ll know soon enough, and I personally think it is worth waiting.

Your alternative is to replace the 9 files from a backup (probably from a point in time just before installing DTTG3) and sync again.

Thank you for your help. Yes, these files had content, which I am not keen to loose. Although I saw the comments on DTTG updates, I did not realise this happens by tomorrow. Will wait before digging into backups and try to recover them.

It would have been nice to come to the forum and have one note somewhere easy to see, in which the latest instructions are collected. It would also be nice not to assume that everyone is familiar with smart groups. I, for one us DT for years, and have never used them. Going through the thread wasn’t all conclusive what to do and with the scare of potential loss, your screenshot was helpful. Also, in the hectic of a long day I did not figure out how to create a smart group on DTTG. Anyway, no need to reply to this entry, I am happy that you guys here made the effort for the occasional visitor to save time.

Best, Olaf

PS: Your tip with the occurrence of zero files for other reasons, was also helpful. I did realise that a few of those md or txt zero size files may have been created through wiki links. I think, if one clicks on a link for which no file exists, an empty file is created. There can thus be zero files without this being a problem. Unfortunately, I cannot remember that background to all files - have to sleep over this :slight_smile:

DT have submitted v. 3.0.3 to Apple, so “within 48 hours” is my personal guess - I don’t think Apple are completely predictable, but it’s on its way :slight_smile:

I could imagine Eric might update his pinned post with any necessary instructions if things aren’t designed to happen automatically in the upcoming version. This is the time to be patient for a moment.

Otherwise I’m pretty sure the forum will manage to walk you and anybody else looking for help through the necessary steps :slight_smile:

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3.0.3 just dropped, it might help refreshing the App Store.


3.0.3 out in Canada — thanks for getting this out the door so quickly! :sunglasses::+1:

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3.0.3 available in the UK as well

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… and in Germany :slight_smile:

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I’ve downloaded 3.0.3 and the ghost files were irretrievable from within Devonthink. I’ve restored them from a backup.

I’ve tried to delete the ghost files but it doesn’t work. Is there a particular way to do this?

Did you empty the database’s Trash?

Thanks @BLUEFROG, that worked.

The files didn’t ‘disappear’ from the ghosts folder when I deleted them so I thought they were still there.

You’re welcome!
Don’t forget to update to 3.0.3. :slight_smile:

I’ve downloaded 3.0.3 and can confirm the automatic replacement from the DTTG2 data store appears to work. Impressive job! :+1: