DTTG always opens to Inbox

IPadOS 15.6.1
I have DTTG and Obsidian open side by side. (Not Slideover). I’m working in the depths of a database. I switch away to another app.

When I return DTTG will be open to my global inbox.

FWIW In a iPadOS Beta thread @MechanicalPoet reports the same behaviour with slide over mode.

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature request.

I can confirm that behaviour on DTTG 3.5.5 on iPadOS 15.7. It does not occur when DTTG is the only app open on the screen, but does occur when DTTG is operated in a split screen. @eboehnisch Eric, is this a limitation of iPadOS, a bug in the same, or one in DTTG?

A very good question. I would say it should be a bug in DTTG. I’ll have a look but am currently on vacation for a week. I’ll check it out next week when I am officially back at my Mac.

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I’m sorry; I actually knew you are on vacation but forgot when I pushed the post in your direction. Thanks for responding anyway :slight_smile: enjoy your holiday both of you :slight_smile:

Eric - just circling back to see if we know: is this a DTTG bug? Or an evil feature of iPadOS?

I’ve just been distracted by some other work here in the company but will have a look shortly.

Are you seeing a crash as well?

@eboehnisch: I just filed an issue for a persistent crash related to this thread.

Hey @eboehnisch and @BLUEFROG - hope you guys are well. I have been meaning to comment on the issues I’ve been having, including this same problem, for a while. However, I’ve had Apple Senior Tech Support guys trying to resolve other seriously problematic issues first (that also impact on DTTG) with iPad OS 15.6.1. For the record, that’s running on my 12.9” iPad Pro 3rd Gen. So for me the jury’s out for now on whether it’s an iPad OS problem or DTTG (or both). I’ll try to be brief, but it’s complicated - so be warned:

After literally weeks of back and forth, the only solution they’ve come up with is (even though they’ve established it is part of a now known issue) ‘due to development priorities’ with newer iOS 16 coming out, they now want me to wait until that’s available and do a supervised iOS 16 install from recovery mode to see if this fixes it. Can’t say I’m holding my breath.

Anyways, aside from DDTG repeatedly losing it’s last document location, and defaulting back to the Inbox, when switching between apps - Note this for me is (a) when DTTG is in full screen mode, not split screen, and (b) I only have one instance/Window of DTTG open at a time - and to answer @BLUEFROG ‘s question, I’m also having issues with DTTG crashing and restarting both whilst using it, and when switching back to it from another app.

Doubt it’s significant, but for completeness, I’m using an Apple Magic keyboard and usually use Cmd+Tab to switch between apps. What’s also curious is that very often, once I’m working in DDTG and try the same shortcut to switch back to the other app, it plain refuses to work, so I have to bring up the Dock to switch out of DDTG to the other app - However, when this occurs, switching back to DTTG using Cmd+Tab always still works. So it’s a one-way problem; frequent but not every time. Go figure?

The other issues with iPad OS and DDTG are off topic, but thought I’d mention these here in case others are having them too and are somehow related. Feel free to move this part to another thread. Apple’s Files App behaves very erratically, but only with the DTTG folders:

  1. Randomly, in Safari when using Share [Options - Send As - PDF] > Save to Files, the pop up window lists DevonThink to Go, but it’s greyed out and can’t be used. I use this method instead of Share > DevonThink > Capture PDF - as this often gives me inconsistent PDF layout/format issues on the saved file, but mainly because of DTTG’s Share option’s limitation to only save to an inbox, not specific Groups/folders or a ‘Recently Used’ Group’s list (would be handy);

  2. The only work around I’ve found to the above is to close DTTG and try again - Not sure if DTTG’s sync processes impact on iPad OS’ or Files’ access to DTTG folders when it’s busy, and if this is also connected to the other issues below?

  3. When using Share > Save to Files (both from Safari and other Apple Apps) successfully - other than when the problem at 1. happens - the pop up window with the Files directory tree sometimes defaults to the last used folder you saved to (which is great, if it worked predictably), but usually the location is random. Then when you try to work your way down the database / group tree to the location you want, the list of sub-group,folders keeps refreshing, sometimes moves you from a selected folder to a parent folder, but worst of all when you try to scroll down a list of folders, as you get near the bottom it frequently refreshes and you have to try several times to successfully scroll then select the desired sub-folder/group. Drives me nuts!

  4. When browsing DTTG’s ‘folders’ for my Databases and Groups/subgroups using the Files app, the right hand side of the window displaying the folder content (not the Sidebar) flashes/refreshes, and Files often randomly changes the folder/group I have selected to the parent folder/group, or sometimes all the way to the main parent database folder. Other times it goes comply awry and gives the error “Content Unavailable
    The folder contents could not be displayed because of an unknown error. Try Again” - see screenshot attached.

5.Final issue (not likely connected to the above) is that the total data for “Documents and Data” in DDTG is taking up way too much of my iPad’s storage than can even be logically accounted for. See attached from Settings>General>IPad Storage>DevonThink which shows a whopping 402.33GB out of my total 512GB available.

Note I’ve got all my databases set to “On Demand” and purged them to the bare minimum, yet each database in DTTG’s Info lists them as being the same size as those on my Macs with the complete data present. However, even that doesn’t make sense as all 5 databases together account for less than 14GB of data - not >400GB!

My iPhone’s databases are configured exactly the same, yet Info shows them as all having the exact same sizes. However my iPhone Storage shows that DevonThink is using 152.68GB of storage for the same <14GB required for these 5 databases! :thinking:

Whether this last point is in any way related to the frankly bizarre behaviour of Files or the sync process for DTTG I’ve got no idea, but it causing massive, unnecessary and unexplained storage shortages on both my iPhone and iPad Pro.

Sorry for the long post - though I did warn you. If Apple’s plan doesn’t fix this (and their other problems) then I’d be very grateful to hear if or how you guys can help :pray:

Can you elaborate?

Try this…

  1. Open DEVONthink To Go.
  2. Open a second app in split screen.
  3. Choose a different app in the dock and open it normally.
  4. After a few seconds, does DEVONthink To Go crash?

Jim - How would we know if the app had crashed. I know that if I do what you described when I return to my app pair DTTG/Obsidian that DTTG is back at the Global inbox but that’s all I know.


I was able to reproduce the issue. Fixed for the next maintenance release.


I’d love an answer to that even so :see_no_evil:

Most of the time, a crashing app just terminates.
In my case runnig beta builds, I see this…


Phew. I was kinda hoping the answer wasn’t going to be something really obvious I’d missed :see_no_evil:

So unless we’re on a Beta build we don’t know that app crashed. (That sounded harsh, not my intention).

We just can’t tell that the app crashed because we don’t know.
- Mark

Danke. - Mark

Unlike macOS, Apple’s mobile operating system is generally much quieter about problems. It will silently terminate processes, often leaving the user with the (incorrect) feeling all is always well.

Let me reply to your various reported issues:

  1. The Files.app integration constantly suffers under memory restrictions imposed by iOS. So this can happen when the so-called file provider extension used a bit too much RAM and got expelled from the dining room without a pudding.
  2. This can be a fix to let iOS reconsider its decision.
  3. The location here is chosen by the Files app, to us unfortunately.
  4. This is also due to memory restrictions or other errors. But Files will not tell you, why. Or us.
  5. These numbers are not always correct but depend on many factors including e.g. the size of the Spotlight index. You can check the real data store size in DEVONthink To Go’s Help menu (question mark button). How do these sizes differ on your device?
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