DTTG and Files integration - different from other shared folders

I’ve noticed that I’m prohibited by some apps from opening the DTTG shared folder, e.g. here you can see that 1Writer can access iCloud Drive and Working Copy, but not Yoink or DTTG:

I can load specific files from DTTG where the app allows, but not use folders provided by DTTG.

Are there different levels of access that apps can provide?

I’m assuming that full access (whatever that means) is prohibited by DTTG because other apps don’t understand replicants, groups etc.

Anyone know if that’s the case?

I can’t test this just now, and don’t know the answer to your question off hand, but: does the lockout time in DTTG Settings/Security make a difference (esp. if it is currently set to immediately, you might want to try any other setting)?

I have Security => OFF so I don’t thinks so.

Ok, thanks for that feedback; sorry I’ve been of no assistance.

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It is possible in 1Writer to manually open or save files from DTTG. But sadly it is not possible to set a DTTG database or one of its groups as the default saving place. I guess that is what you tried to do.

Yes, my Cunning Plan ™ was to “mount” a DTTG folder in 1Writer to use its [[wiki Links]] feature.

I guess we have to contact the developer of 1Writer. It is the fastest note taking app I know about that uses the file system (unlike Drafts, sadly) and it would be awesome if it saved directly to DTTG.

At the moment I save to an iCloud folder DT indexes. Works great when you’re near a Mac.

It’s not just 1Writer, it’s also iA Writer - which makes me think it’s the way DTTG creates/shares the folder.

E.g. 1Writer shares a simple folder with some files in it. DEVONthink To Go, on the other hand, uses the file provider mechanism to share a database. Unfortunately iOS only allows real, simple folders to be mounted; they simply never implemented folder sharing/mounting for file providers (at least not that we are aware of).

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I had feared this was the answer.

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