DTTG and Indexed Items on macOS

Why, on page 56 of the DEVONthink for macOS manual, does it say, “DEVONthink To Go does not support indexed items”?

I have a database which I exclusively use for indexed items, and it appears to sync to and from DEVONthink on macOS and DEVONthink To Go perfectly well (via a Dropbox sync store).

I can create/edit files in that database in macOS and they (or the edits) appear in DEVONthink To Go (as well as in the Finder).

I can also edit those items and/or create new ones in DEVONthink To Go and they will sync to the macOS database (and the Finder).

So what is supposed to be “not supported”?

Please read a little further into the DEVONthink Manual, page 60 for the 3.6.3 version, section “INDEXING AND SYNC”.

Why, what does it say?


That’s the page where I read what I quoted above.

You quoted page 56. I’m pointing you to page 60.

That’s where it’s written Page numbers changed slightly since the version I was reading, but text is the same.

I believe that means that DEVONthink To Go 3 does not support indexing files on the iOS/iPadOS device.

Ooohw… is that what it means… ah. well one wouldn’t expect to be able to “index” files on iOS itself. I see.

I am sure that some iPadOS users wish it could… :grinning:

It seemed oddly put to me, but thanks for explaining that to me@ leebutler.

You are quite welcome!

@leebutler is correct on this.

And yes, we do have people who expect DEVONthink To Go to be able to index files, especially when they can access iCloud and Dropbox via their respective applications in iOS. Some also think DEVONthink To Go will allow them to access files located on their NAS or Mac.

That’s why we explicitly state DEVONthink To Go doesn’t support indexing.

Well, surely it does, really, in the sense that, upon sync, the files on DEVONthink To Go and on DEVONthink for macOS become identical. How else could you mean “access” ? Perhaps this is just nomenclature… yes, there’s a sync store in between the two.

They believe DEVONthink To Go is or will connect to DEVONthink or some indexed folder on the Mac and view / interact with those files. That is completely infeasible.

How about writing the following (in the manual)?:

DEVONthink To Go does not index items. It can view items previously indexed in DEVONthink on the Mac.