DTTG as Notetaker

I’ve been trying to move over from MacJournal to DTGG as my Notetaker app, but I’m having one problem that keeps from being able to do this. And that’s the ability to edit rtf files in DTGG and sync notes back and forth between my iPad and Mac. This is what would be expected of any app that ones uses for such purposes. Am I missing something or is DTGG crippled in this simple and necessary task?

It’s not such a simple task, as the iOS does not (currently) have native support for editing RTF documents. That’s why almost all text editors on iOS are currently plain text only, although rich text editing is starting to appear in a few apps, such as Notability, and I believe the latest updates to Evernote include this as well. I wasn’t aware that MacJournal supported rich text editing on iOS?

Having said that, DEVON has stated that they would be working on adding RTF editing to DEVONthink To Go.