DTTG - Cannot Add Groups To Favourites

I have just moved to a new iphone 12 but cannot get any groups to show in favoutites.

The group shows as being in favourites in its home location but absolutely no show in the Favourites Smart Group. I have experimented with a few options but no success.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated = Thanks!

I believe this is not possible yet, but would be happy to stand corrected.

What I do as a workaround is to create iOS shortcuts to groups. These are added to the home screen and placed in a folder called “DT Groups”.

I’m seeing no issue adding groups as favorites…

The group shows as being in favourites in its home location

What do you mean by this?

Some more detail; my iphone 12 had a catastrophic failure and apple replaced the iphone. I downloaded all my stuff from icloud and all seemed fine. I am using IOS 16.0 2 and DDTG 3.5.6.

When I go to a group invoke the context menu and press “Add to Favourites” this seems to be processed in normal manner. But when I go to Favourites Smart Folder nothing has been added. When I return to the group and press context menu I now have option to remove from favourites (except nothing has been added). I did do similar process to add an item to reading list & it works as expected.

I tried a reboot and no improvement. I also deleted DTTG and reinstalled from scratch with same outcome. I may add this add to favourites was working fine on my old iphone 12. Seems rather odd.

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I am having a similar problem. Just got an iPhone 13, installed DTTG 3.5.6 on iOS16.0.2. I have two databases which are fully synced and indexed via iCloudKit.
I am unable to add anything to the Favorites Smart Group. All dialogs suggest that selection is added but it just doesn’t show up. Also if I select the same group in the database it shows “remove from favorites”. The iPad works without fault. Suggestions welcomed!

On DEVONthink To Go’s databases screen, select ? > Contact Us to start a support ticket. Thanks!

Oh I thought the new iPhone thing might be a red herring, but interesting to see you have same problem. I would have thought a lot of switching phones to version 14, but no signs of an issue there. This seems to be an edge case. I have my support ticket in!

This issue was fixed in DTTG 3.5.7

Thanks for the confirmation :slight_smile:

Yes, fixed. Excellent response from all DT team much appreciated!

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