DTTG Capture PDF

In the desktop version of DThink i can clip a web page to a single page pdf file. In the mobile version this option does not appear. Is this by design, a bug, a feature i need to buy?

I looked at the manual to try and understand the differences between the available options: web archive / web archive clutter free etc. but there isn’t any explanation. But i think a web archive still goes out and pings all the links on a web page when it is loaded within DTTG, which i think means that the content of the page is not a fixed archive. With a PDF what is clipped is a good representation of the webpage and is fixed in time.

Definitely not a bug and not really by design, just due to the limitations of iOS.

FWIW, I found a workaround for this.

As an example, if you’re viewing a web-page in (say) Safari and want to save it as a PDF (and not a web-archive), you can do the following:

  • hit the share icon
  • select Print
  • you should see the preview now, the next bit is tricky at first and then becomes habitual :crossed_fingers:
  • Pinch-and-zoom to expand the view
  • Now you’re in a PDF (!)
  • Now, hit the share icon (yes, again)
  • this time, when you select DevonThink, you will be saving a PDF, instead of the original web page

Have you updated to DEVONthink To Go 3.1?
If not, you should.
Then try a normal capture in the browser again.

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I just updated today, and it works like a charm.

What a co-incidence … It’s like you went back in time and implemented this :slight_smile:

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But seriously, this really helps in bringing mobile iPhone/ipad (mostly iPhone for me) workflow on par with macOS.

We can clip and highlight and annotate all in one place.

DTTG is getting better day by day.

Please keep up the good work!


Thank you very much :pray:

Now that‘s odd, the option does not show up for me when sharing this very thread (or anything else) from Safari to DTG.
Copying the URL and adding it in DTTG works fine.

Mode in share-sheet set to „automatic“. Is there another option that I may have set somewhere, years ago?

I remember encountering some problems sharing PDF files to DTTG from within Safari that I could send to other apps (GoodReader, Documents) just fine. The „Download PDF“ option was missing. So there may be a way to break sharing in general…

(iPad Pro, iOS 14.5.1, DTTG 3.1, rebooted)
Edit to add:

  • turned off content blockers
  • tried WiFi and LTE

Exactly what option are you looking for? Your screen shot is the same as on my DEVONthink ToGo share screen.

That is what @thatChris is looking for.

thanks. To my recollection, never ever saw the two PDF options before. Mystery.

(99% of the time I export to Web Archive (clutter free) and then in desktop DEVONthink I have a smart rule that converts incoming web archives into PDFs).

These two are the magical, new and much desired options that have been added with DTTG 3.1 yesterday.
Not on my device, though, but I‘ll figure out where they are hiding :slight_smile:

No idea, though, yet, I‘ll have another iPad to try it on later this day.

Ah. Learning for the week. DIdn’t get 3.1 until just now. The two PDF options are there for me (without needing to reboot or anything). From Safari is all I tested. I could not find any setting that might be controlling if or if not these show–but I could have missed it.

The PDF stores the full length of a webpage, takes the page title and uses it as a document name in DTTG, stores the page URL in the URL field and saves a summary of the webpage to the comments field if available.

Different from the screenshot method of storing full webpages in PDF, there also doesn’t appear to be a limit in the page length as far as I’ve discovered until now.

Welcome @thatChris

(iPad Pro, iOS 14.5.1, DTTG 3.1, rebooted)

Just to be clear… this means rebooted the iOS device, correct?

Yes, rebooted the device.

However, I found the error and I‘m sorry if I caused any confusion:
I still had the an older DTTG installed in some folder.
I guess they both registered to iOS as a handler for URLs (and maybe PDF) but iOS only showed the modern icon for DTTG 3.x in the share sheet, so I never realized I still had both versions :slight_smile:

Still, everything I shared to whatever version of DTTG was in the share sheet was successfully imported using DTTG 3.x.

I deleted the old version and everything seems now to behave as expected. Thank‘s for this update, (properly) saving to PDF will be very useful to me!

I still had the an older DTTG installed in some folder.

For shame… :flushed:

Thanks for the follow-up and indeed that would confuse the OS, for sure.

I‘m tempted to find a backup of DTTG 1.x and try whether 3 DTTG behave even more entertaining than two :slight_smile:

(And no, this is definitely not a defect but PEBSAC - DTTG 3.x did show no indication of instability even though its elder relative was still around.)