DTTG crash every time trying to sync a big (77.4MB) audio fi

I have taken an audio note with DTTG on my iPhone 4 IOS5, but it is impossible to complete the sync to a Mac DTPro Office 3.2.1(Lion 10.7.2). When I start the sync, the others (smaller) files stored in the same folder on DTTG before this big audio file complete their transfer correctly, but DTTG crash soon after the start of the transfer of the big file. It happens every time I try.
I’ve tried to reboot both the Mac and the iPhone, but no lucky. The audio file isn’t corrupted, because if I play it trough DTTG, it plays correctly from the beginning to its end, so probably the cause is a bug within DTTG.
So now I cannot complete any sync, and I have my audionote and my other files jailed on the iPhone…
Is there an alternative way/tool to transfer the DTTG db from iPhone to the Mac?
Is safe to take audionotes with DTTG or is safer to limit their size to just few minutes of recording?
Thanks in advance