DTTG Crashes when adding photo from iPad photo library


Is anyone else experiencing the issue where DTTG crashes when you try importing/adding a photo from iOS photo library on iPad? This has been the case since the app was first introduced. The issue exists on iPad 2 as well.


Not having that problem here.

Don’t know why you would be having this problem, but here are some wild guesses: Do you have the same problem with all photos you try to import or is it just one? How large is the photo and do you have enough free space on your device?

Good Luck.


Same here: DTTG crashes when I want to add a photo from iPad photo library…
This is on an iPad 2 with IOS 4.3.2

regards, A

This is the sort of issue that needs as much information as can be supplied, to assist the developers to pin down the cause of the problem.

It’s one of those issues I can’t replicate. I’ve repeatedly transferred photos from iPhoto to DT TG on two iPads (1 and 2) and an iPod Touch, with no problems. All photos were JPEG with sizes up to 6.3 MB.

I have been able to reproduce this, but only in portrait mode.

I’m working on a fix, but in the meantime, try adding a photo in landscape mode and see if that works. If it doesn’t, let us know.


It’s a spam bot.

In my case: DTTG crashes when I want to insert a photo form my library or camera on my iphone (iphone4, iOS 6.1.2)
On my iPad it works fine (iPad3, iOS 6.1.2). The first time access to the library is asked and next it works.
However, I mainly take shots with my iPhone…