DTTG crashes when assigning coloured labels

Every time I want to assign a coloured label, the new version 1.1 of DTTG crashes on my iPad 1. The app closes, but is still in the task bar.

I already restarted the iPad and also resetted the app in the preferences.

I use temporary labels as cues to remind me where I wish to move new HTML content added to DT TG.

I did get a crash when I first turned Labels On and assigned one. Afterwards, I was able to add labels without a problem.

I can set the labels by opening the details of an entry with the blue arrow button, but not with the label button at the top right corner of the screen. The latter one always causes DTTG to crash.

At least I know a workaround now.

i have exactly the same problem, and i cannot make the workaround work.

Are you using DTTG in portrait or landscape?

When using DTTG in portrait, the metadata editor (item details via the blue arrow button) does not have a “Save” button and does not correctly save changes to labels.

A workaround for this is to make changes while in landscape, as there is a “Done” button in landscape.

We are looking into the crash and will post a free update as soon as possible.