DTTG crashing?


I’m running the latest app store updated version of DTTG.
Just restarting my iPad right now.

As I’m trying to dig into DTPO I’ve also started to use DTTG on my iPad.
So far this is a very disappointing experience…
I can’t even seem to create a RTF document on DTTG. Pen etc are greyed out?
Found that I could write a comment and add a label or flag. (are these metatags??)
The moment I saved the comment, DTTG crashed…

So far goes my experience.

How are your experiences with DTTG till now?
I know a new version is upcoming, I enrolled to take part in the beta - but so far no news…

Searching on these forums you will find DEVONthink To Go is a companion to DEVONthink, not a standalone. It is also older technology and RTF is NOT a natively mobile friendly format. (In fact, I suggest looking for alternatives in general.)


Thx for hopping in.
Maybe I did not express myself clearly.

In fact I am trying to use DTTG as a companion to DTPO.
As a runner up for the hopefully to be terrific next DTTG version I’m trying to at least do something with DTTG.

One of the issues I’m focusing on at the moment is annotating reading, preferably PDF as this is the most open standard.

Now what I would like to do is have PDF book ( DTPO manual) together with a RTF document built from DTPO’s Annotation template (see post from Bill DeVille)

So I put these 2 files in the Mobile Sync folder and did a sync.
Next started, or at least, tried to start to do some annotating on DTTG.
But it crashes when trying to edit this RTF annotation document…