DTTG database differs on different iPads

As i suspected some graphical menu bug ( Settings Menu broken in new DTTG - #4 by tja ) I also had a look at my databases.

On two iPads I installed the new version of DTTG and both were synced from the same source (WebDAV).

But they show different content:

So, totally different sizes!
And different number of items!

On DTTG 2.x those numbers were always the same!!!

I never noticed any difference between the devices at all.

The byte sizes here take everything into account, from the full-text index to the actual data files, the sync data, and even temporary files. The number of items, however, should be identical when both are just synced.

Yes, seems to be a common problem.

I saw that the latest version adds a context menu item to check and verify the database.

But after searching 15 minutes, I am apparently too stupid to find it.

Any hint where to find this?

No sorry. Never knew a check and verify was added.

I simply check item counts with the ‘i’ at the bottom immediately after selecting a database. That’s when I noticed the count was different on one specific device strangely enough. But after reinstalling and downloading all is back in sync.

And might I sound to negative somehow: I still think DT(TG) is a marvelous product, but has it’s glitches. But then again, what software doesn’t?

To get verify & repair, long press the database name:

I pressed long. No verify option. Multiple devices.

I only get ‘Info’ and ‘Copy item link’

Do you use version 3.0.4?

That was added today; have you updated to 3.0.4?

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Ha! :sweat_smile:

Just updated, and now it’s visible indeed. Thanks.

Did @eboehnisch clone himself? The number of fixes/updates is incredible for such a short amount of time. Even the ‘organize’ bug appears to be repaired I think. :+1:

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That’s a bummer :flushed:

I am at 3.0.4, but still:

I do not see such an option, and the two databases also differ in what options are shown!

Long press not on the inboxes, but on the databases themselves (the DTTG homescreen, when you press Back from where you are now).

But on this screen, the main database is not even visible:

Only an unimportant test database.

The main database is the same as the global inbox and that can only be seen in the list of inboxes :flushed:

It’s at the bottom under ‘Databases’ and has the same name as your username and number 3 at the end of the line. Long pressing that doesn’t work?

No, thats the test database “TJA”.

My real database is the global inbox, as seen above.

But it is not listed seperately.

You can verify the Global Inbox from the main screen - in which the sidebar is headed “DEVONthink” and the further sections are GLOBAL, SMART GROUPS and DATABASES - by long pressing the words “Global Inbox”. (Another sign that you are on the main screen is that you don’t have a < Back button.)

You cannot perform the verify from the “Inboxes” screen.There is a certain logic to that - you want to verify a whole database and not just its inbox.

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What you are seeing here is the inbox of your database “Tja” and the global inbox; the Global Inbox takes on a special role in DT(TG), so it’s not surprising it offers different menu entries. I’m going to lean out of the window a bit and say that it isn’t designed to be your main database; just as you wouldn’t choose to keep your box files in your letterbox, I guess. That’s not to say it doesn’t work, (or is “wrong!”) just that I don’t think it was intended that way.