DTTG Deletes while I type or dictate on 2 devices. Anyone else?

DTTG 3.1.2
ios/ipados 14.4 - 14.6

I have a pretty simple setup, have only been using DT for a few months. Lately experimenting with dictating or typing notes directly in DTTG.

I would say about 25% of the text I enter vanishes within a minute of being entered on both iPhone and iPad.

Markdown & plain text. Not sure about rtf and formatted.

The cursor jumps around a lot, if I try to type mid-sentence, it will jump to the end often.

The worse was last night I spent 30 minutes drafting a note, (repeatedly pressing done and exiting to make sure my text was being saved because it was doing the text jumping-deleting). Then I set the phone down for a couple minutes, picked it back up and the note had reverted to one of the earliest versions! I lost almost all of the work I had done on it.

This might be related to this:

Did you already update to v3.1.2?

Sounds just like that! I swear I searched the forums more than once! Indeed my phone is still on 3.1.1 ( I reported 3.1.2 above but that was for ipad).

Thanks for super fast response!