DTTG destroys RTF formatting

I have noticed that when I edit an RTF note in DTTG all formatting and links are lost. Is this normal behaviour or am I doing something wrong?

There are known deficiencies in the rich text framework we are using. Rich text is not a mobile-native format and Apple decided to not support them, so we have to employ third-party frameworks.

We are still investigating other options and approaches. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

I came here to in the spirit of surely I can’t be the only one struggling with this. It’s very frustrating to create an RTF document in DT3, later add a line or two of text in DTTG, and watch the formatting and styling disappear.

Thanks for the acknowledgment that you’re looking into the issue and weighing options.

You’re welcome.

The situation is absolutely terrible! It mangles the files completely! Causes all formatting to be gone! No bold/italic, font family removed, font size set to 9.2 pt on every text item, no url links!

Now it is mid 2022 and editing rtf is still a meaningless and dangerous “feature” that must be avoided at all cost!
Why is it even permitted to edit rtf files in DTTG when it mangles them?
It would be better to prevent editing if the files are destroyed anyway!

How do you recommend us to go about editing files in DTTG in simple compatible ways?

It appears to me that the only viable option is to edit a Note (i.e Apples app) on the iPhone, and then later use a Mac to incorporate that information in Devon! A pretty tedious workaround, to say the least! But the only way so far.
For practical purposes, DTTG appears to be basically read-only.

My technical data:
iPhone 12, iOS 15.3.1
DTTG 3.3.4
DevonThink 3.8.3 on macOS 12.3

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But the only way so far.

Umm… not quite.
You are behind the times. The latest version of DEVONthink To Go is 3.5 and has our new text editor will full RTF support and a much better text editing improvement.

You should stay up to date on our blog as we announce all our releases there.


Oh wow! Finally! Thanks!
Super welcome – it has been so exceptionally annoying to me for such a long time, and has caused me long restoration work several times.

v3.5 was obviously released only a few days ago (May 25th)! I updated all apps on the phone only about a week ago, so I thought I was sufficiently up-to-date (but obviously not).

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Try selecting all the text on a page and changing the font. You can’t: the popup iOS style bar obscures the “ellipsis” icon you need.

… and if you move all the text further down (so that the popup doesn’t obscure the icon-button to change the font), you are then able to select “Font”, but, whether you change the font or not, weirdly, you’re only left with a “Cancel” link/button, which, let’s face it, implies ‘cancel’; no ‘OK’ button or similar. “Cancelling” does change it (i.e., does what an ‘OK’ button should), but it’s all very counter-intuitive.