DTTG didn't find a phrase although it's in two files in the title

I’m doing research the the topic of CRISPR/Cas9, a genetech/biotech topic. I’m storing research papers about the topic in DTTG (synced from the database on my desktop).

In this particular case I wanted to check, wether a paper (a pdf) I found is already stored in the database.

I copied the title “CRISPR-Cas and Bioinformatics” in DTTG’s search field, but got zero results.

Then I take “bioinformatics” only in the search field, and got a lot of results, the paper with the title “CRISPR-Cas and Bioinformatics” included (and a Pubmed-entry of the same paper).

Any idea, why I did get zero results in the first search?

Did you try reindexing the documents? See command x-devonthinktogo://reindex in Utility URL Commands section of help.

No, did not. I will try.