DTTG Disable auto lock on iOS

Hi, Guys

Could you please introduce a setting in DTTG that disables auto-lock? My network isn’t the fastest around, so syncing takes a long time. I have to touch the screen every 3min or so to avoid iOS locking the screen and disturbing the sync. If I could disable auto-lock, I could sync overnight.

Thanks, guys.

You can turn off Auto-Lock in your iOS preferences. Settings>Display & Brightness>Auto-Lock>Never

Thanks! Done!

But I would prefer it if I could do this on an App-by-App basis. Have you looked at it before?

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand-have I looked at what before?

I meant, have you considered adding option for disabling auto-lock in DTTG settings before? Has it been an issue of discussion earlier?

That I do not know. I’m not employed by DEVONtech-I’m a user of their software just like yourself.

Actually, DEVONthink To Go asks iOS to disable sleep during a sync but it’s up to the operating system to fulfill the request. And in some cases it doesn’t, e.g. out of battery considerations.