DTTG does not appear in the open in window

PDFs that are in DTTG are easily opened by my other applications such as PDF Expert, GoodReader, Papers, Notebooks etc. The difficulty I am having is when I want to send these PDFs w/annotations back to DTTG. DTTG does not appear as an option in the “open in menu.” So when I have made annotations in PDF Expert GoodReader, Papers, and Notebooks all appear in the open in menu but DTTG does not. Is it possible to roundtrip a file back to DTTG? Do I need to reset DTTG?

Thanks in advance for your help.

My experience is that when this happens, and it happens with other apps also, is because you currently have more apps that can open a PDF than the 'Open In" menu of iOS can handle. I don’t know what that number of apps is, or if it is a fixed number, but try deleting some of your lesser-used PDF apps (one-at-a-time) and see if that helps.

Greg, Thank you very much! I had never heard about a limit. I deleted a program and voila! DTTG has reappeared in the open in menu. I just did a quick search and found this :

iphonejd.com/iphone_jd/2012/ … -menu.html

According to the link the limit is 10 but at least for me my limit appears to be 9. Not sure why. Oh well as long as it works.

Thanks again